The Micklem Bridle; Is It Really That Special

Jonny Mahon Mar 20, 2023
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rambo micklem bridle

Horseware Rambo Micklem Bridle

I have a claim to fame with these bridles, I was one of the first riders in the world to use them. A lady that I rode for, who was also my mentor back in Ireland, was given the prototype of this bridle by the owner of Horseware to use and try on a variety of horses. We used it on a young horse or two and a couple more experienced ones and liked it enough for them to put it into production.

The Micklem bridle is ergonomically designed to fit the shape of the horse's skull more comfortably and effectively than a traditional bridle. It was developed by William Micklem, an Irish horseman, and is designed to be less restrictive and more comfortable for the horse, which is especially helpful in reducing head tossing.

rambo micklem bridle

Its unique design includes a padded crownpiece that sits comfortably behind the horse's ears, as well as a noseband with soft padding that sits higher on the horse's head than a traditional noseband. This means that it avoids putting uncomfortable pressure on the sensitive facial nerves around the nose bones and prevents it from interfering with the horse's breathing. The bridle also has bit straps on the front of the noseband, which helps to prevent the bit from sliding too far into the horse's mouth.

The Micklem bridle is particularly popular for dressage and show jumping and among riders who are looking for a more comfortable and functional option for their horses, while still maintaining control and safety.

Rambo Micklem Multibridle

The Rambo Micklem Multibridle is designed to be used as a regular bridle, a bitless bridle, or a lunge cavesson. This versatility makes it a great choice for riders who want to be able to use one piece of equipment for multiple purposes, without having to switch between different bridles.

rambo micklem multi bridle

This version of the Micklem bridle features a padded headpiece and noseband for comfort, as well as a bit clip on the noseband to help keep the bit in place, it's worth noting that the Micklem bridle is best suited to loose ring bits. It also has multiple rings and attachment points, allowing for different rein configurations depending on how it is being used.

The bitless option of the Multibridle uses pressure on the nose and poll, rather than in the mouth, to control the horse. This can be a good option for horses with sensitive mouths or those who have had issues with bits in the past.

rambo micklem multi bridle

Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle - Deluxe Version

The Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle is more of a show-quality bridle than the original Micklem bridle. Designed specifically for competition, it incorporates all of the features of the original bridle, along with some additional features and design elements to enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal.

rambo micklem competition bridle

The Deluxe Competition Bridle has a more refined and streamlined design and the browband looks nicer than the regular version, having fancy stitched detail. It is suitable for use with a range of bits, and the bit clip on the noseband helps to keep the bit in place and prevent it from sliding too far into the horse's mouth.

micklem competition bridle

Pros: The Micklem bridle works extremely well for a lot of horses as it is designed to comfortably fit your horse's face. In my experience most horses respond really well to its design, the drop noseband is a great feature.

Cons: Although it's made with a horse's comfort as a priority I have found the occasional horse that really doesn't like how it fits compared to a standard bridle. I don't find the cavesson ring particularly useful for a difficult horse, I've had one break in the past.

Pro Tip: If you buy a Micklem bridle go for the competition bridle as it will look nicer if you want to use one for the show ring.

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