Back On Track Therapeutic Blanket Review, Are They Really Worth It?

Jonny Mahon Mar 30, 2023
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Why Use A Therapeutic Blanket On Your Horse

Therapeutic blankets have been around for decades, Centurion was one of the first big innovators of this concept with their Therapulse Blanket back in the 80s.

Since then different fabrics have been found to improve the circulatory system in the body and promote recovery.

Back On Track Welltex

Therapeutic blankets can provide a range of benefits, including:

  • Supporting muscle recovery: Therapeutic blankets are designed to help support muscle recovery. This can be useful for a horse engaged in strenuous activities, such as training for sport.

  • Increasing circulation: They help increase circulation in the horse's body. This can be beneficial for a horse recovering from an injury or illness.

  • Reducing inflammation: They use materials that help to reduce inflammation in the horse's body. This can be helpful for a horse experiencing joint pain or other types of inflammation.

  • Promoting relaxation: This can be particularly useful for a horse that is anxious or nervous.

Back On Track Horse Blankets?

There is a wide selection and brands of therapeutic blankets on the market but Back On Track has been an industry leader for a long time and continues to produce very effective products.

Back On Track

The Back On Track mesh sheets are designed to help improve blood flow in horses. they are made from a unique ceramic-infused fabric that reflects the horse's body heat back into the body as infrared radiation. This, in turn, can help to reduce inflammation and ease muscle tension, promoting a faster recovery from injuries or soreness.

Horses are more relaxed and supple after using the rug, helping to reduce stiffness and soreness in their muscles.

back on track mesh sheet

However, it's worth noting that every horse is different, and the results of using the Back On Track mesh rug may vary depending on the individual horse's needs and circumstances. Additionally, the rug should not be used as a substitute for proper veterinary care and treatment.

My Own Experience With Back On Track Mesh Sheets

My own experience with these blankets has been tremendously positive but for different reasons, according to the horse I put it on.

At the very least it was relaxing for the horses I put it on and a nice way to decrease anxiety for some of them, but mostly it helped relieve muscle tension or soreness, especially after working them.

back on track mesh sheet

The benchmark as to whether the sheets are effective or not is simply knowing your horse. If your horse tends to be a little muscle sore after say a jump school or a hard workout then you know if it works for them or not.

My old stallion, who still performs in Grand Prix showjumping feels great after wearing this blanket, I also tend to let him sleep overnight in it.

The guide to using these sheets comes with the packaging but it's worth noting that when you first use these blankets you only put them on for a maximum of 4 hours in the first 2-3 days, and then gradually increase by 1 hour at a time per day thereafter.

Pros: Although the blankets are a couple of hundred dollars the price is negligible over time for the effect it has on most horses. It really is an essential part of your equipment especially if you have a performance horse.

Cons: I find the effects of muscle recovery work almost all the time but see if you can borrow one for your horse to try before spending the money on it as there is the occasional horse that doesn't feel the effects.

The sizing is also off, if you want your horse to be comfortable I recommend you order a size down from what they normally wear.

Other Back On Track Products I've Used

Because of the results from the Back On Track mesh blanket, I started to consider some of their other products for different reasons, here's a short summary of what I own and use on a regular basis with great success.

Back On Track Royal Quick Wraps: These are a staple in my barn, they're a super product to use as an alternative to traditional wrapping, I would far prefer to leave these on a horse overnight instead of normal leg wraps. Fantastic for recovery after exercise or keeping swelling down.

Back On Track Elbow Brace: I broke my elbow badly in November 2017. Once the cast was off and the swelling subsided I bought myself one of these to help with the discomfort. I loved it, I wore it every day for a few months and found I needed far fewer painkillers as long as I was wearing it.

Back On Track Ian Tshirt: If I go hard at the gym or have a long day riding I tend to get sore shoulders. Almost every time I find this works before I need to take any type of anti-inflammatories, I also use it for those colder days during the winter as it reflects heat back into the body.

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